About Us

BQI acronym stands for Power Using Renewable Energy and true to its name ever since inception, the company has focused on enabling transition to sustainable energy sources. Energy storage technology has been a key area of focus since the inception and the Company has developed strong expertise in Lithium battery technology. The company management team brings significant experience from academia and the energy industry. The company is in the business of manufacturing electric scooters and motorcycles under the brand “BQI ELECTRIC” and high-performance Lithium batteries under the brand “BQI LITHIUM”. The company has set up a dedicated EV and battery manufacturing unit and having a dedicated facility for R&D for EV2W powertrain development and testing. BQI is currently one of the fastest growing EV2W brands in India. The company is focused on building products beloved by the mass consumer and building a trustworthy brand name in EV2W.

Our Mission

At Electric Motion, our mission is to revolutionize urban mobility by providing innovative and sustainable electric two-wheelers. We strive to create eco-friendly alternatives that empower individuals to commute efficiently while reducing their carbon footprint. Through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to environmental stewardship, we aim to redefine the future of transportation, making clean and green mobility accessible to all.

Our Vision

At our core, we envision a future where electric two-wheelers redefine urban mobility, seamlessly blending innovation with sustainability. Our company is committed to pioneering cutting-edge technologies that not only electrify the ride but also cultivate a global shift towards cleaner, greener transportation solutions, ultimately shaping a world where commuting is both efficient and eco-conscious.

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